Camping hammocks are good for sleep

Camping Hammocks are Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about camping? A tent, right? For decades now, camping trips do not happen without tents being present or mentioned.

However of late this has started changing a bit. Now we have an alternative camping way, which uses a hammock. This is not the hammock that you have in your backyard that is woven from net and has spreader bars made from wood that could easily turn you over and hurt you. But, it is a hammock designed for sleeping.

Since long, these kinds of hammocks have been common in South and Central America. However, today these same hammocks are undergoing many changes in terms of the materials used and advanced designs. These are more popular among backpackers and car campers throughout the world.

Advantages Of Using Camping Hammocks

1. Comfort – It Reduces Stress & Burnout

These provide more comfort. You can finally say goodbye to sleeping on mud, roots, bugs, rocks, and uneven, sloping ground. Camping using hammocks upgrades you to the next level. It does take time to learn the best way to sleep comfortably in a hammock. But once you get the hang of it, the reports say that you can have one of the best experiences. You are more likely to have an awesome night’s sleep in your hammock outdoors. Many even prefer to sleep in their hammock rather than their bed. In order to have a refreshing experience when you set out on your journey each morning, and return to your home feeling completely rejuvenated, take a hammock along.

2. Versatile

Hammocks are versatile. They can be used in different types of locations. You could tie it between rocks and trees, above a stream, near a waterfall, on top of a hill or even below piers. You could also tie it between the racks of two cars.

3. Better Health & Wellness

The hammock also can serve as a lounger and a chair. So you could read, relax and take a nap in the hammock while outdoors and you could do the same when in the house. You could set your hammock in the backyard to be used anytime. Unlike tents that gets folded and packed away to the basement until you go out on your next trip or vacation.

4. Easy To Set Up

Hammocks are easy to set up. Most hammocks can be setup easily and quickly. For example, Hennessy Hammock takes just two minutes to be set up. You don’t have to struggle with tent poles but you can just hang the hammock and use it instantly.

Hammocks save space and are lightweight. For example the Hennessy weigh lighter. Though the Hennessy has mosquito netting and a rain fly, it is still light weighing below 3 lbs. This hammock is so comfy that you can sleep without your pillow. The best part about these is that you can carry only the things important to you and not the all the things that come along with the hammock. When camping in warmer areas, you will just need to carry something in the likes of the isYoung Hammock. This parachute comes with a pop up unpacking system which gets your hammock up and going in an incredibly short period of time. 

5. Reduces Stress And Helps You To Relax

Hammocks have more openness. People who prefer a strong roof will not prefer hammocks. But those who would want to feel nature and inhale fresh air, would sleep in hammocks happily without giving it a second thought. Imagine going to sleep with the gentle breeze singing you a lullaby while you admire the stars above, and waking up to a beautiful sky. It sounds out of the world, right? If the weather forecast warns about rain or if you wish to sleep longer, then carry a rain tarp and put it above your hammock. It will save you from getting wet in the rain and from the bright sun light if you wish to sleep past sunrise.

Hammocks have a great value. Most camping hammocks are rugged and made from good quality materials just like many of the tents available in the market.

3 Things To Keep in Mind When You Go Hammock Camping

Hammocks can be versatile, relaxing, fun and affordable. But it does have drawbacks too.

1. Insulate

When camping in warmer places, the hammock will help your body remain cool because of the air movement that it can provide. You would feel hot in a tent otherwise. However, in places with colder temperatures, sleeping in tents is advised as the ground that you will sleep on will act as an insulation. The ground will return the heat that your body gives off. But if you sleep in a hammock then your body heat will escape from the bottom side. Because of which your bottom will feel cold whereas the top of the body will stay warm because of the blankets covering it.

To avoid this from happening and keep your entire body warm, you will have to place an insulated blanket or a sleeping bag that is rugged on the hammock so as to line it. Or you could give an insulation layer on the outside side of the bottom part of your hammock. These types of layers are known as “under-quilt".

Warmer nights don’t demand insulation. You can stay warm with any light blanket. La Paya is a light blanket that could be used to stay warm in less cold weather.

2. Sleep diagonally

Though many think that sleeping with your feet and head parallel to the hammock’s ends will be best, it is advisable to sleep in a slight angle. That way you will not feel uncomfortable while sleeping and will be able to lay flat and enjoy the hammock's comfort. Hennessy hammocks have an inbuilt asymmetrical design that make it possible for you to be in the diagonal position easily and comfortably. In case you feel a little discomfort in the neck or your knees, using a small pillow will comfort you. Polyester washable pillows using Nemo's micro suede foam is something that you could use. Otherwise you could roll up your clothes and use as a pillow to avoid the usage of more space.

Sleeping alone in a hammock is very comfortable. But, if you wish to sleep hugging your partner then buy a hammock that can hold two people. The Roo and the Double Parachute provide plenty of space enough to accommodate two people in one hammock. They can bear a total weight of a total of 500 pounds.

3. Practice Your Hang

Your hammock comfort level depends on how well it is hung by you and how much you have allowed it to sag. So the height angle, and also the distance between the anchor points become important. Once the hammock is hung at the correct height angle, and has a proper distance between the anchor points, you will get the perfect sag that will let you sleep in comfortably.

The Hennessy hammock has a ridge line (a cord that stretches above the hammock) that helps you get the ideal sag. This way you don’t have to keep changing the hammock set up every night. You will have to try to set it up a few times till you master the trade if getting the perfect sag. And once you do get that right, your hammock will be your camping buddy for life. 

Final Thoughts

Hammock camping is simple, convenient and advantageous. You may pitch your hammock nearly everywhere and set up in a flash. Say goodbye to sleeping on the ground and look forward to a good night’s sleep that your hammock provides. Odds are, once you try camping with a hammock, you do not want to go back to tents!

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