Camping Hammock for Tall People

Camping Hammock for Tall People: Our Top Picks

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Sleeping and relaxing on a hammock while out camping is rapidly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional tent campsite. Rather than needing to set up an unwieldy and somewhat stifling tent, hanging out in a hammock can be freeing and easy to do once you learn the right technique.

When you’re very tall, though, hammocks can be a bit stifling. Generally speaking, a hammock needs to be at least two feet taller than you for you to be comfortable, but a camping hammock for tall guys should be at least 10 feet tall in order to be comfortable. Some even say that they want an 11 foot hammock so that they can really get comfortable!

While we don’t have any 11 feet hammocks to review today, we do have a number of great over-10-foot options as the best camping hammock for extra tall people. All of these hammocks have features specifically able to handle the extra height that you have.

Let’s take a closer look to find out which one will work best for you and your extra tall needs!

Camping Hammock for Tall People 
Comparison Chart




Gold Armour - XL Double Camping Hammock

Legit Camping Double Hammock

ProVenture Double Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Double Camping Hammock

Camping Hammock for Tall People

1. Gold Armour XL Camping Hammock

Available in 21 different colors, the Gold Armour XL Camping Hammock measures in at 10.4ft by 6.4ft, making it an appropriate choice for tall folks. But that’s not the only thing that we love about this hammock.


While this is a great hammock for tall people, it’s also an all-around great hammock. Technically speaking, this is a double-sized hammock so it has enough space for more than one person. Being as tall as you are, though, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to share even if it is larger than a standard single hammock.

The hammock can support up to approximately 500 pounds of weight. As such, you can definitely have a few friends sit on it while you’re hanging out in the campsite without having to worry about the integrity of the hammock’s fabric.

Speaking of fabric, the material on this particular hammock from Gold Armour is 210T nylon parachute fabric which is very strong and supportive. The straps are also very supportive since they are made from the same premium material. The straps are rated to support up to 1,000 pounds.

This hammock is considered to be both lightweight and compact. It can compress into a small attached sack that is about the size of a volleyball. In total, the hammock weighs in around 1.5 pounds.

Since the sack is sewn directly to the hammock, the hammock is effortless to set up and store. All that you need to do is unfold the hammock from the stuff sack, and then get it set up! The kit includes everything that you need: two carabiners, two tree straps, and 16 attachment loops along the hammock.

Finally, let’s talk about the construction of the hammock. All of the stitching on the straps and the attachment loops of the hammock are triple-stitched for extra security so that you can be sure you will not face any problems with the integrity of the hammock’s construction.


  • check
    Includes everything you need to use out of the bag
  • check
    The attached pouch can be used as a pocket while sleeping
  • check
    Durable and balanced
  • check
    Simple to set up


  • The attached pouch isn’t as reliable as the rest of the hammock
  • Heavy straps
  • Can be hard to fit into the sack
  • Color bleeding issues

2. Legit Camping Double Hammock

Next up, we are going to take a closer look at the Legit Camping Double Hammock. This particular hammock measures in at 10ft by 6.6ft, so it is also big enough for extra tall folks to fit in for a good night of sleep. It isn’t quite as long as the hammock by Gold Armour, but it is still more than adequate.


In addition to the size being good to fit your personal preferences, you’ll also find that this hammock comes in many different colors. It can be very fun to choose a colored hammock that is one of your favorites or will fit well with the surroundings on your next trip, and you have no shortage of options when it comes to this double hammock.

Since this is a double hammock, it is technically wide enough for more than one person to sleep in. Still, we don’t really recommend this as you will get a more comfortable sleeping experience if you sleep solo. But the added width is great for getting comfortable at night, and you can also have extra friends sit on the hammock while you hang out at camp.

Like the previous Gold Armour hammock that we talked about, this hammock has an attached pouch that you can stuff the hammock into when not in use. This pouch makes it convenient to stuff the hammock away, and it can even work as a pocket whenever you are sleeping in the hammock.

Setup for this hammock is simple and can be done right out of the box because everything that you need to use it is included! The tree straps, carabiners, and loops are all ready to go so that you can simply set up the hammock and use it. The tree straps are tree-friendly so that you will not cause any unnecessary damage to the trees while you are setting up camp.

The material used on this hammock is very high quality. Like many durable hammocks in this price range, the hammock is made from a 210T nylon fabric that is both durable and comfortable. The straps are also made from this material.

The nylon makes this hammock strong and very easy to clean since it can be wiped down as needed. It also dries quickly.

Finally, it’s great that Legit Camping provides a lifetime warranty on this and all of their products. If you should find an issue with the durability of the hammock or you simply don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund without any worries about the policy. For that reason, you can feel comfortable choosing this hammock!


  • check
    Many color options available
  • check
    Constructed from premium material
  • check
    Great customer service
  • check
    Wide enough for two people
  • check
    Risk-free purchase
  • check
    Low maintenance


  • Included carabiners are sharp and could cut into the straps
  • Mild durability issues with some stitching
  • Tree straps too short for some

3. ProVenture Double Hammock

The third option of camping hammocks for tall people today is this Double Hammock by ProVenture. It measures in at 10.6ft by 6.6ft, making it a bit taller than the last option we talked about. The width is about the same, making this a true double hammock.


As the width on this hammock is 6.6 feet, it is wide enough for more than one person to fit into and even sleep in. Still, we’ve found that tall people would be more comfortable to sleep in this size of hammock solo unless they really want to get up close and personal with their hammock-mate!

This is one of the quickest and easiest double hammocks to set up. Everything that you need to get set up is included: carabiners, nine-foot tree straps, rope, and the durable loops on the hammock itself. You can set this up as soon as you receive it!

The ProVenture Double Hammock is made from high-quality nylon, which is known to be sturdy, quick-drying, breathable, and easy to clean. All of these qualities make it a great material to use to make a hammock, and the same material is triple-stitched for the straps to ensure that they are very durable.

Everything that you need to prepare this lightweight hammock setup can fit into the attached pouch along with the hammock. When using the product, you can tuck the things that you need nearby while you sleep into the pouch as a kind of pocket. When packed, this hammock set measures nine inches by five inches and weighs in at approximately 35 ounces.


  • check
    Lightweight and compact
  • check
    Includes everything that you need right out of the bag
  • check
    Can easily be washed
  • check
    Good for backpacking


  • Only five color options; not much variety
  • Stitching on the carrying pouch is subpar to the rest of the hammock
  • The material could be softer

4. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

The last hammock that we are going to explore today is the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock. This hammock from Wise Owl measures in at 10ft by 6.5ft, making it around the same size as the Legit Camping hammock that we already reviewed.


While it is not an 11 foot hammock, it has the width and the height that extra-tall people need to be able to get comfortable in their hammock. While double hammocks like this one are traditionally used to fit more than one person, again, it is more likely to be comfortable to sleep in if you sleep solo.

The parachute-quality nylon used on this particular hammock is high-quality and heavy duty. The nylon, known as 210T, is both soft and strong. You can get comfortable in this bed while also being sure that it is strong enough to stay put while you get in a good night’s sleep.

Setup is a breeze with this hammock since everything is included and can be tucked into the attached pouch. The straps that are included are tree-friendly and nine-foot-long, so you can set it up easily. Many hammocks come with two-foot straps that are all but useless; you don’t have that problem with Wise Owl.

When rolled up and compacted into the pouch, this hammock weighs only 26 ounces, making it one of the lightest hammocks available on the market at this time. Once you add in the straps and carabiners, it is a bit heavier, but it is still a great option for those who are keeping their packs as light as possible while they go camping.

Finally, we love all of the color options that are available for this hammock. Whether you want something that is simple and will blend into its surroundings or you prefer something that screams "I'm here!", you’ll be able to find an excellent fit for you in the color options offered by Wise Owl on this double hammock.


  • check
    Huge variety of color options
  • check
    No fraying or popped stitches
  • check
    Quick and easy to set up
  • check
    Comfortable for big and tall people


  • Not the most comfortable material
  • Shipping issues with straps
  • Material too thin in some areas

The Winner

It can be challenging to decide which is the best camping hammock for tall people, but we truly believe that all four of these hammocks are great options. If one of these hammocks stands out to you as your favorite, go ahead and choose that one as your top pick!

If, however, you still need more guidance, we can try to pick a winner. For those who value having as much space as possible over everything else, the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock is probably the best option.

This hammock has the biggest measurements by a few inches in each direction, so it’s the most likely option to give you the space that you need. Plus, it is available in many colors and well-made.

If you care more about having a satisfactory product, the Legit Camping Double Hammock might be the best option for you. Legit Camping offers a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you should be able to return it if you end up not liking the hammock. This offers you great peace of mind while you search for the ultimately camping hammock for extra tall people!

Regardless of what we believe the best hammock is, our original point stands. We believe that all four of these hammocks are good choices, so you simply need to choose which one makes the most sense to you!

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