Best Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net of 2018 – Reviews With Comparisons

Best Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net of 2019 – Reviews With Comparisons

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Camping out is truly a wonderful experience - that is until the mosquitos turn up and spoil your entire evening. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a hammock that you can take camping or simply set up in your backyard, it’s important to do an adequate amount of research to find the best features that are applicable to your needs.

Now, finding the right camping hammock can be a daunting task, especially since there is such a wide variety currently being available on the market.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best camping hammocks with mosquito nets that are currently available for purchase. We’ll provide you with detailed reviews, outlining each of the features offered by these top five products.

We will be highlighting their pros and cons as well as a product overview of their features before wrapping up with the final verdict.

Comparison Chart




Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle

isYoung Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

EZfull Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Everest Double Camping Hammock

Camping Hammocks with Mosquito Nets Reviews

1. Oak Creek Outdoor Supply’s Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle

The Lost Valley bundle offers incredible value for money by delivering a host of quality products at a great price. It boasts everything you would hope for in the best camping hammock with mosquito net.


Firstly, this hammock bundle delivers a top-quality single camping hammock, a rain fly, two pieces of tree straps, two 12KN aluminum carabiners, and the ever important mosquito net. The manufacturer has made sure to produce quality materials throughout their construction using an ultra strong, tear-resistant parachute nylon. This makes the hammock incredibly long-lasting and able to support weights of up to 350 pounds.

This hammock is extremely lightweight and portable as well as being fantastically fast and easy to set up, taking less than three minutes. All of the components can fit into a small drawstring bag. In total, this bundle weighs less than four pounds.

Users will also notice an included accessory pouch on the inside of the hammock that makes for the perfect home for your smartphone. This is the perfect hammock bundle for first-time hammock buyers or someone who wants to be able to handle a variety of circumstances from a single bundle.


  • check
    Full bundle hammock
  • check
    Comes with a compact carry bag
  • check


  • Aluminum carabiners
  • Small hammock space

2. isYoung Hammock

The isYoung hammock is a fantastic hammock for those always on the go, and who want to spend less time assembling their hammock and more time relaxing in it. This is delivered through their fast and intuitive pop-up system.


Alongside the isYoung’s fantastic level of convenience, it also offers all of the fundamental features that you’d look for in any quality hammock. Despite its compact size, this hammock is still relatively spacious, measuring 114 by 57 inches.

Aside from that, it is also able to support a maximum weight of up to 440 pounds, which makes it extremely durable for a hammock of its size. This is thanks to its durable construction.

The mosquito net itself is made from 70D breathable and antibacterial nylon, making it soft to the touch and very durable. It’s designed with needle-like meshes and easy-close zippers that are highly effective in protecting against mosquitos.

Thanks to its semi-rigid pop-up design, this hammock also becomes multifunctional as it is self-supporting. It can also be used as a tent to protect from mosquitos in a variety of environments—whether it’s at the beach or in your backyard.


  • check
    Very easy to assemble
  • check
    Reversible and easy-to-close zippers
  • check
    Does not require too much maintenance
  • check


  • Thin base nylon
  • Not overly stable

3. Sunyear Camping Hammock

The Sunyear Camping Hammock is a high-end product that comes at a reasonable price. It uses a reversible mechanic to flip between a hammock to lounge on and a hammock to protect you from those pesky insects.


Made of fiercely durable 210T parachute nylon, this product can endure heavy strain without the fear of ripping. The mosquito net is also made from a high-quality fabric that is double the density of their current market competitors. This creates a truly protective layer around the users.

Sunyear is also extremely confident in the quality of their products, so much so that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back with zero questions asked. This level of customer care reassures buyers that if they were to experience any difficulties, they would be easily resolved.

Taking note of other hammock’s failings, Sunyear has made sure to produce a hammock that is easy to set up and hang. The easy-setup straps are 10 feet long and 16 adjustment hoops on each side to allow for greater adaptability when it comes to hammock placement. You’re also provided with two 16.4 feet elastic ropes for easy mosquito net set up.


  • check
    Double hammock
  • check
    Maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • check
    Heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • check
    100% money-back guarantee
  • check
    12KN ultralight, heavy-duty carabiners


  • The mosquito net is not removable
  • Some poor stitching

4. EZfull Double Camping Hammock

If you’re looking for a comfortable camping hammock that not only includes a mosquito net but also provides more than enough room for multiple users, then the EZfull Double Camping Hammock might be the right choice for you.


The EZfull Double Camping Hammock is built to endure an incredible amount of strain. Its maximum weight capacity is an impressive 660 pounds, which is far more superior to that of any competitor in its same class.

The straps are able to support up to 1,000 pounds, and the carabiners are able to withstand 2,500 pounds of force per carabiner. This level of durability is why this hammock is able to last for such prolonged periods of time without suffering any significant damage.

To further their quality of construction, EZfull uses triple interlocking stitching to prevent the seams from parting. It also has fast-open, double zippers. Users will also benefit from an internal pocket that provides a convenient cubby hole for their smartphone or valuables, preventing them from being easily lost.

This is a fantastic hammock for those looking for ample room as this measures out at 118 by 78 inches, providing more than enough room for two adults. Despite its impressive size, this hammock weighs in at a surprisingly low 2.8 pounds, making it seriously lightweight and therefore easy to transport or hang from your gear bag while you’re out hiking.


  • check
    High maximum weight
  • check
    Highly durable construction
  • check
    Large internal size
  • check
    Comes with 17 adjustment loops


  • Lower density mosquito net
  • Users get engulfed by high sides

5. Everest Double Camping Hammock

At the higher end of the hammocks that made it onto our list, the Everest Double Camping Hammock offers some incredibly useful features alongside the fundamentals. This does come at a greater cost, but if you’re a serious hammock camper, then it is definitely worth looking into.


This hammock is built for heavy usage. It features reinforced polyester filament webbing; lightweight, aluminum, snag-free carabiners; heavy-grade. no-see-um netting; and is constructed from 210T taffeta quick-dry parachute, diamond weave nylon fabric.

The mosquito net is also extremely tear-resistant as it is made from heavy-grade, 31gm fabric with a density of 2,100 holes per square inch. As a result, this net protects you from a wide variety of insects besides mosquitos.

Implementing a quick-flip system, the mosquito net is actually integrated into the hammock, and in order to use the hammock as a lounging item as opposed to mosquito protection, you can simply slip it over in a matter of seconds.

Measuring in at 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, this hammock offers a ton more room than competitors in its class. This allows for multiple users to use the hammock comfortably with space to spare.


  • check
    High-grade construction
  • check
    Large space
  • check
    Does not get dirty easily
  • check
    High-density mosquito net


  • Low maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Non-detachable mosquito net


In conclusion, the EZfull Double Camping Hammock is our winner for the best camping hammock with mosquito net, thanks to its highly affordable price, an incredible maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds, and its heavy-duty construction.

This camping hammock is a great buy for campers of any level, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re simply looking to expand your existing hammock collection. It might not be the quickest hammock to set up when taking the mosquito netting into account, but it is still extremely straightforward, thanks to their simple strapping system.

If you’re not afraid of spending a little more money, then the Everest Double Camping Hammock is a fantastic option too. It offers a little extra in terms of durability, but due to its low maximum weight, it’s certainly better suited to single users rather than two users.

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