Best Camping Hammock for Stomach and Side Sleepers

Best Camping Hammock for Stomach and Side Sleepers

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Different people like to sleep in different positions. While some people like to lay on the back and can’t sleep any other way, others prefer to curl up on their side or even roll flat onto their stomach in order to get the best night of sleep.

For those who sleep on their backs, it’s usually pretty easy to imagine what it would be like to sleep in a camping hammock. Those who sleep on their stomach or their side, though, might have a harder time figuring out exactly how they would go about sleeping in a camping hammock.

Is there a good camping hammock for stomach and side sleepers? Yes, there is! We have two different high-quality options for you today that we believe can make all the difference when you usually sleep in one of those positions.

Best Camping Hammock for Stomach and Side Sleepers
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Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent (Rainfly and Bug Net included)

Tentsile T-Mini Lightweight Double Hammmock

Best Camping Hammock for Stomach and Side Sleepers Reviews

1. Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

First, let’s look at the Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock as an option for those who don’t like to sleep on their backs. This hammock is known as a hybrid tent hammock because of its unique, relatively flat design that can be used on the ground or in the air. What else does it have to offer?


A lay flat hammock like this one can be very comfortable for those who like to sleep slightly on their sides or even on their stomachs because it does not cocoon around you as much as more traditional hammocks. The flat design helps to keep the edges down and away from your face, so you can be more comfortable while sleeping in your preferred position.

You could even call this particular design a bridge hammock since there is a spreader bar to help keep the sides from gathering together as they would in a more traditional hammock design. When the edges are kept farther apart, you can sleep more comfortably.

It’s really great that this particular bridge hammock has included bug netting and a rainfly that you can easily attach when you want to use them. Both of these accessories would usually cost you more money, but they can easily be attached to the hammock without needing any additional items. You can even use it without the usual top piece if you want to get some sunshine.

Lawson also used only the highest quality materials to ensure that this hammock will work well for you as well as last for a long time. The nylon is both waterproof and rip-resistant, and even the polyester used in some areas is rip-resistant.

The Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has a weight capacity of 275 pounds, and all of the bars and arch poles used are made from durable, shock-corded aluminum to keep them in place for many years to come. To ensure that your first year of use goes smoothly, Lawson has included a one-year warranty with this hammock.


  • check
    Unique design
  • check
    Can be used in many settings
  • check
    Strong, reliable spreader bar
  • check
    Sides won’t cocoon your face or head
  • check
    Relatively good weather resistance
  • check
    Incredibly spacious inside


  • Requires pad when used as a tent
  • Needs guy lines to stay very flat
  • Requires underquilt in cold weather

2. Tentsile T-Mini Tensioned Double Hammock

Another option that you might want to consider is the Tentsile T-Mini. This is a tensioned-style hammock that requires three anchor points as opposed to the usual two. You’ll notice from looking at this hammock that it has a very unique triangular design.


The additional tension provided by this type of setup causes this to be a type of lay flat hammock or flat hammock, which can be great for those who like to roll onto their side or sleep on their stomach. When you have a flat area, you’re more able to get comfortable with the sides of the hammock treating you like you’re a banana and they’re the peel!

Before we go any further into the details of this hammock, we want to mention that Tentsile is a very eco-friendly option as they use well-source materials while also planting many trees for every single tent and hammock that is purchased from them.

Now, let’s get back to this strange alternative to a tree tent. The Tentsile T-Mini Tensioned Double Hammock weighs about four pounds in total, and it offers you 40 square feet of space to rest on. One or even two adults could use it together, and the hammock is rated to be able to hold up to 485 pounds.

This hammock is a great option when you are dealing with uneven, rough, or rocky terrain that even the greatest tent pad wouldn’t be able to fight. Instead of trying to make the ground comfortable, why not get off the ground altogether? That’s what the T-mini allows you to do: relax up and off of the ground.

To set up this type of tent, you will have everything that you need but you’ll need to find very strong anchor trees. This setup only has one ratcheting strap, and the other two are normal. So, you will have to do some adjusting in order to get it set up the way that you want it to be.


  • check
    Spacious and comfortable
  • check
    Doesn’t roll you up into a cocoon
  • check
    Lightweight compared to larger versions
  • check
    Very sturdy
  • check
    Reliable construction


  • Heavier than traditional hammocks
  • Takes more time to learn how to set up

The Winner

Now that you’ve seen what we might consider to be the best camping hammock for stomach and side sleepers, do you have any idea which one we would recommend as the best of the best?

In our opinion, the Lawson's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the more logical choice as a camping hammock since it has the right setup, accessories, and layout to be the most useful. This high-quality hammock is sure to provide great sleep to even stomach sleepers because of the unique tree tent design.

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