Are Hammocks Better Than Beds

Are Hammocks Better Than Beds?

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Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola, McDonald's vs. Burger King, and Hammocks vs. Beds. It’s an age-old contest that can have no true winner, until today! Finally, we can reveal the answer to this heated battle and the winner is….

No, there isn’t a winner, sorry. What we can do, though, is take a look at the pros and cons of beds and hammocks, because each object is going to be better suited to provide a good night’s sleep in different circumstances.

Are Hammocks Better Than Beds?

Let's take a look at a few situations and decide whether are hammocks better than beds.

The Pros of Using Hammocks

Can Be Taken Anywhere

The big pro of a hammock is, of course, its mobility. A hammock can be packed up into a small bag and carried easily just about anywhere. They are also much lighter than beds.

Plus, they are faster to install too. Simply string them up between a pair of posts or some conveniently placed trees and away you go!

Does Not Break the Bank

A hammock is also a very cost-effective option. In most cases, simply buying a hammock is going to set you back far less cash than it would for you to buy a bed.

There are also far fewer accessories associated with a hammock. You can, for example, buy them as complete kits with strapping, rope, and even bug nets all packed up into one handy package.


There is also the simple fact that hammocks are fun to relax or sleep in. You generally snooze in a hammock on a warm summer evening, or when you are out camping. You can drink a beer in a hammock, and no one will bat an eye. Bring a six-pack to bed though, and you’ll be in trouble!

The Pros of Using Hammocks

The Cons of Using Hammocks

Not Too Comfy

The cons of hammocks are really the pros of beds in that a hammock is a piece of fun furniture. You wouldn’t want to be rolling out of a hammock at three in the morning for your newborn’s third night time feed, right?

A Challenge to Set Up Sometimes

They can also, in some ways, be a little bit harder to set up than a traditional bed. Yes, as we said above, they are lightweight and compact. But while a bed is big and bulky, it’s also nice and simple. It doesn’t have to be suspended from a tree; you just pop it on the floor, put a mattress down on top, and you have a sleeping area.

Comes with Risks of Falling

The other con is the danger of falling out of a hammock. Now, if you are sensible and use the hammock correctly, it’s unlikely you’ll fall out of it. Even if you do, you won’t fall far, and you’ll probably land on soft grass too. Still, it cannot be denied it’s easier to fall out of a hammock than it is to fall out of a bed.

Comes with Risks of Falling

The Pros of Using Beds

More Back Support

One of the big pros of a bed is that it is, in many ways, the polar opposite of the hammock. What does that actually mean? Well, it means that it is solid, or at least more solid than a hammock. That means that it can have a more cushioned surface to support your back as you sleep or simply lay down.

Customize Cushioning

What’s more, you can also customize the level of cushioning a bit easier. Do you like a firm surface? Well, you can pick up a firm mattress for your bed. Do you prefer a softer one? Go for a soft mattress that you can sink into. You simply do not get that level of customization with a hammock.

More Practical to Use Every Night

When we were talking about the pros of a hammock earlier, we said that one of them is that hammocks are fun. Beds are kind of the opposite. Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of fun you can have in a bed (just ask Homer Simpson if you don’t believe us), but the bed itself is not as fun as a hammock.

Then again, that’s fine too. Sometimes, it’s the weekend, and you can hang out in your hammock drinking a few beers. Other times, though, you just need to get a good night’s sleep before the crushing grind of daily life starts all over again. In that instance, you just need a nice, simple bed.

The Cons of Using Beds

Pretty Much Immovable

Have you ever tried to take a bed on a camping trip? It’s hard to fit it into a rucksack, never mind the sheets and the pillows and everything else you need. That right there is one of the big negatives of the bed, it is not mobile, especially when compared to a hammock.

A Bit Boring

You know what else? They are kind of boring too. Well, not boring really, but certainly very utilitarian. They are there to perform a function, but not in a fun way. No one is building a bed in their backyard to lie in during the summer. What they do is buy a hammock because they are more fun.


So are hammocks better than beds? Well, as we’ve looked at in the article above, sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t. Our recommendation? Buy both a bed and a hammock. In that way, you are all set in any eventuality.

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